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Providing Everything You Need

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Hiring a private chef, who is passionate about what they do, for your next event will thoroughly reward you with many benefits.  To start, we can help you plan, organize and arrange your event and then personalize menus to your taste and that of your guests. Following, we know where to get the best ingredients to cook, serve and entertain your occasion. And to close, we will clean to the point where the only things left after the event will be your fond memories and those of your invitees. 

Our private chefs can tackle pretty much any dinner party cuisine, from traditional French and Italian, to other that are more exotic like Asian, Peruvian or Caribbean.


The essence of our catering consists of two elements: first, great food that is sustainable, locally grown and made from scratch and second; our approach towards making each piece a statement of art through beautiful presentation. 

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Custom designed charcuterie (shaa-koo-tuh-ree) boards are ideal from appetizers to full meals.  With only the highest quality ingredients emphasizing fresh locally sourced ingredients; MAK will garnish your boards with herbs, greenery, and florals to create unique designs only for you and your special occasion. Here are some ideas for your next “grazing” party.


New Year Resolution – Be You


We have all made some New Year’s resolution about healthier eating or weight. At MAK we can assist in your goal and make it an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, through our Mindful Eating approach to cuisine. 


From just developing a tailored menu for you based on your preferences, to cooking and delivering meals daily if so desired. We will provide you recipes if you wish to cook yourself.   We will motivate, support, and encourage you in every possible way.

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