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Custom designed charcuterie (shaa-koo-tuh-ree) boards are ideal from appetizers to full meals.  With only the highest quality ingredients emphasizing fresh locally sourced ingredients; MAK will garnish your boards with herbs, greenery, and florals to create unique designs only for you and your special occasion. Here are some ideas for your next “grazing” party.

MAK charcuterie.jpg

Imported Cheeses & Charcuterie

Carefully selected cured meats & artesian cheeses, fresh fruits, pickles, handmade sauces & jams, garnishes, breads & crackers.


Assorted Cheese Charcuterie

Ideal for keeping guests entertained, appetizers, snacks, or wine tasting.  MAK will customize a selection for you of 5-8 gourmet cheeses based on your preferences: sharp, mild, creamy & more. Fruits, crackers & garnishes included. We can provide special cards for tasting notes and suggest wine pairings if requested.


Seafood Charcuterie

Experience a new definition of the traditional meat plate.  Swap out fatty pork for catch of the day. This board includes handmade fish pâtes, rillettes, spreads & gravlax, garnishes, vegetables, rye bread, crackers & more.


Veggie / Fruit Charcuterie

Assorted hand selected vegetables or fruit dips, crudités, crostini, garnishes, flatbreads & more.


Dessert Charcuterie Board

Our Le Cordon Blu chef can prepare any desserts, but his specialty is classic pastries like macaroons, eclairs, chocolate mousse, and cheesecakes that will come beautifully arranged with fresh fruits.



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