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Private Chef

Hiring a private chef, who is passionate about what they do, for your next event will thoroughly reward you with many benefits.  To start, we can help you plan, organize and arrange your event and then personalize menus to your taste and that of your guests. Following, we know where to get the best ingredients to cook, serve and entertain your occasion. And to close, we will clean to the point where the only things left after the event will be your fond memories and those of your invitees. 

Dinner parties are at the core of what MAK’s activities. We believe there is nothing more authentic than enjoying the good company of friends and family over a meal. And, it is all the better when an expert Private Chef does all the work!

Our private chefs can tackle pretty much any dinner party cuisine, from traditional French and Italian, to other that are more exotic like Asian, Peruvian or Caribbean.

Style wise, our private chefs can serve parties both banquet style and individually plated.

Just like in the best restaurants, our service can propose menus from the basic 2-3 course contemporary meals, up to exquisite 'chefs table' tasting menus where the artful presentation of the cuisine will be nearly too beautiful to eat!

If you are feeling adventurous - tell us! Just give us an idea of what you have in mind and then let our chefs get creative and propose the perfect experience for you. 

Other possibilities available through our private chef service include:

1.    Meal planning, shopping, cooking and clean up at your place. 

2.    Filling your fridge with customized restaurant quality meals for your daily needs.

3.    Quality meals tailored to specific needs or preferences, (i.e., keto, gluten free, etc.,)

4.    Catering for private events, boating and weekly meal preparations.


We also offer cooking classes for bonding, sharing and a fun and entertaining experience.


Booking a private chef from Miami Art Kitchen, will ensure a stress free entertaining occasion to be thoroughly enjoyed and remembered for long.

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