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Miami Beach, FL 33139

Miami Art Kitchen, organic & healthy everyday food, delivery
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Dear Friends,

as we bid farewell for the summer’s embrace, we eagerly await to reunite by fall, with culinary delights and heartfelt cheer. Until then, savor the memories and know our kitchen will soon be back, brimming with flavors you hold dear.

We don’t believe in diets or fads. We believe in feeling good, and that quality food and exercise will contribute greatly to how you feel. Instead of extreme diets, we invite you to try a longer term healthy, balanced & delicious meal plan with focus on overall wellness developed by MAK.

(Disclaimer: MAK takes full responsibility for addictions developed to its menu)

MAK logo organic everyday food, delivery

Healthy, balanced & delicious

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We have all made some New Year’s resolution about healthier eating or weight.

At MAK we can assist in your goal and make it an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, through our Mindful Eating approach to cuisine. 

*Based on a Daily Recommended Calorie Intake of Less Than 2200
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Private Chef

Dinner parties are at the core of what MAK’s activities. We believe there is nothing more authentic than enjoying the good company of friends and family over a meal. And, it is all the better when an expert Private Chef does all the work!

 Meal Plans

Subscribing to our meal plans you will receive every weekend the meal selection for the following week, so that you can plan and place your order in advance. 


Please study your choices and leave the rest up to us...

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Join the healthy living

& get your healthy, balanced & delicious meal plan
Miami Art Kitchen, delivery organic everyday food

We Deliver!

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tel: 305-308-56-07

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